4 Unusual Investments To Consider

The right investments can keep you safe against any financial trouble that may occur in the future. They are a kind of insurance and assurance that no matter what the state of the economy, you are safe and will remain in a good place. But the past few years have created a certain apprehension towards some conventional investment options such as stocks, bonds and real estate. Then again there are those investments that have stood the test of time and show appreciation through the years, regardless of nationality or economic status. So what are the unconventional investment options you must consider today? Well, here’s a list to keep in mind.


If you are an art lover and have an eye for the unusual, this could be the investment option for you. Most people buy art for the name attached to it, for its aesthetic appeal, or as an heirloom that can be passed down generations in the ancestral home. But art is not just for these select admirers. There is a new breed of collectors who are businessmen and know nothing of art but still go to auctions in the hopes of finding something priceless. Most wise investors employ art educates to buy the right piece. Although the fickleness of the art world poses a big problem, some paintings and sculptures have gained substantial appreciation over the years. So if you have the money to buy a Monet, Manet or Picasso, don’t think twice. This is a guaranteed profitable investment. Of course, you will have to get it adequately insured, and remember that this investment is not exactly tax deductible.


Collecting stamps, coins, comic books, baseball cards or even old airplane models may be a hobby for kids in school, but don’t brush it aside when thinking of investment. In the past few years many collectors have paid millions for these. The value of certain sports memorabilia, stamps, and collectibles has risen steadily in the last few decades. If you are looking at it as an investment, the one thing you must refrain from is being attached to the collection. It should be looked at as an investment and cared for as one too. Also, to build a collection that is worth a good price, you will need to take the time and effort towards it. Keep an eye out for additions that can make it more valuable.

Jewels and Diamonds

Visit some of the jewelry stores selling loose diamonds in New York to get an idea of top of the line jewels. Diamonds have always been the ‘forever’ jewel. And if you can get your hands on even a 5 carat diamond that possesses the highest grades in quality, you can be in for a surprise after a few years. As an investment colorless diamonds hold less water than colored diamonds. This is because unlike colorless diamonds, colored diamonds are really very rare and possess a uniqueness of natural color saturation. Consider colors such as pink, red, blue for added value and higher rate of appreciation in the coming years. Also, make sure you procure the diamond from a company that is reputable and very well-known to ensure quality and responsible acquisition.


If you are a wine drinker and know a little about wines, this investment option is one you must consider. Although accurately storing wine can be an issue in apartments, if you have a cellar this is an ideal choice. The prices of high end wines have skyrocketed in the last few years. In fact many wine collectors have made bigger profits selling blue-chip wines than their stocks in the market. If you get your hands on any top wines with the best vintages, do not miss out on this chance to make thousands.