How Mike Created A $1,500/Month Passive Income Stream With His RV

Real estate developer Mike Braeuer planned to sell his Jayco Jay Flight trailer when he first downloaded an RV sharing app in 2018. To his surprise, the demand for renting his trailer was enormous. Mike and his wife, Christin, earned an impressive $3,600 in their first 90 days, which was almost half the value of the unit they intended to sell.

In just two and a half years, the couple expanded their business from one unit to four, accumulating more than 100 reservations for families seeking memorable and affordable vacations.

Mike’s love for the open road, combined with the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars per month, has made the RV rental business an attractive and enjoyable side hustle.

How Mike Braeuer Earned $50,000 in Two Years With His RV

Mike and Christin, together with their four children, always searched for ways to reduce their expenses. They discovered the financial benefits of RV life after taking an RV trip to Disney World, which cost 80% less than the initial estimate of $10,000. At first, Mike intended to sell his RV, but after researching the best ways to sell an RV, he learned that renting it through an RV sharing app could become a profitable venture.

Mike decided to help others explore the great outdoors at a fraction of the cost by making strategic investment decisions. He chose to buy more affordable options instead of Class A RVs and paid them off quickly to turn a profit. Before purchasing a new or expensive RV, Mike advises researching four critical factors: which models people like to rent, how often they rent them and for how much, and how much you could purchase that model for.

When listing your RV, Mike recommends scanning the market and offering competitive pricing. While it’s essential not to set your prices too low or too high, you’ll need to decide the final charge.

The Benefits of the RV Rental Side Hustle

Renting out your RV can offer numerous advantages, both financially and personally. Here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy as an RV owner:

Extra income: Renting your RV can provide a steady stream of additional income, helping you pay off your RV or fund other expenses. Mike’s experience demonstrates that it’s possible to make a significant amount of money with the right approach and dedication.

Flexibility: Renting out your RV can be a flexible side hustle that allows you to work at your own pace and on your own terms. You can choose to rent your RV as often or as little as you like, depending on your availability and personal preferences.

Personal use: Renting out your RV doesn’t mean giving up your own adventures. You can still take your RV on vacations during the off-season or whenever it’s not being rented. This way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Networking and community: As an RV renter, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and connect with a diverse group of people who share your passion for the open road. This can lead to lasting friendships and a sense of belonging within the RV community.

New experiences: Renting out your RV can lead to new experiences and adventures for both you and your renters. You’ll have the satisfaction of helping others create unforgettable memories while exploring new places yourself.

5 Tips to Maximize Profits Renting an RV

Master the art of letting go: If you’re uncomfortable with strangers using your bed or bathroom, renting out your space may not be for you. However, Mike suggests that owners need to overcome this hurdle since cleaning services, bed covers, and even new mattresses can address these concerns.

Secure the right insurance coverage: RVshare’s efficient handling of insurance claims, assistance with paperwork, and smooth communication impressed Mike. He recommends using RVshare Rental Insurance, which offers comprehensive coverage and is activated for free after listing and booking your RV.

Maintain good customer service: Despite RVshare’s platform making rental businesses almost effortless, it’s crucial to be available to answer questions and concerns. Respond quickly to inquiries and support your renters’ vision for their dream RV trip.

Anticipate costs and get creative to keep them down: While maintenance costs may increase with more units, many repairs can be handled with a trip to the hardware store and some DIY tutorials. Save on cleaning services by doing it yourself or bartering within your network.

Note the highs and lows of seasons: Understand that there may be peak seasons for rentals, as well as slow months. Use the downtime to enjoy your own RV vacation.

Conclusion: A Profitable and Enjoyable Venture

Mike Braeuer’s success in the RV rental business shows that with the right strategy, dedication, and passion for the open road, it’s possible to turn a hobby into a thriving side hustle. By embracing the challenges and rewards of renting out an RV, you can not only generate extra income but also create lasting memories and connections with fellow adventurers.

Whether you’re an experienced RV owner or just starting in this niche, consider exploring the world of RV rentals as a fulfilling and profitable venture. With the right mindset, research, and determination, you could follow in Mike Braeuer’s footsteps and achieve your own success in the RV rental business.