Should You Automatically Reinvest Dividends?

One of the main advantages of dividend reinvestment is that your investment will increase faster than if you keep your dividends and rely entirely on capital gains. It’s also low-cost, simple, and adaptable. However, dividend reinvestment isn’t always the best option for every investor. If you have any questions or concerns about reinvesting your dividends, …

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Should You Invest In High Dividend Stocks?

Dividend stocks are regarded as secure and dependable investments. Many of them are high-value businesses. Dividend aristocrats—companies that have increased their dividend every year for the past 25 years—are frequently seen as safe investments. Is it smart to invest in high dividend stocks? Stocks with a high dividend yield can be an excellent investment. Dividend …

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What Are 199a Dividends?

Distributions from domestic real estate investment trusts (“REITs”) and mutual funds that buy domestic REITs are classified as Section 199A dividends. These dividends qualify for the Section 199A QBI deduction and are reported on Form 8995 or Form 8995-A. The good news is that a federal income tax deduction equivalent to 20% of the amount …

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